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I’m into photography and travel, I like to share my travel experiences.

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I describe my adventure with article and photo to inspire other travelers.

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The gladdest moment in human life, me thinks, is a departure into unknown lands. – Sir Richard Burton


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For some years I have discovered a passion for photography. For this reason I created a blog in which I share my discoveries and helped people, like me, have just started.

Last Articles

Road Trip Day 9 – Matera

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Our ninth day of travel, the first on the way to home, leads us to discover the city of Matera,…

Road Trip Day 8 – Cave of Poetry

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Our first day of “relax” in the south of Puglia begins with a coffee kindly offered by the owner of…

Road Trip Day 7 – Alberobello

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After visiting the beach of Lama Monachile in Polignano a Mare, and after having slept again in the Baia San…

Road Trip Day 6 – Polignano a Mare

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Our arrival in Puglia, happened in the day before, opens a new chapter of our summer road trip, leave aside…

Road Trip Day 5 – Basilicata and Castel del Monte

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The day after our visit to Royal Palace of Caserta we left Naples to make one of the longest movements…

Road Trip Day 4 – Royal Palace of Caserta

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Departing from our campsite near Pompeii after 10am (we need to recover few hours of back sleep) we reached initially…

Road Trip Day 3 – Marmore Waterfalls

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After having visited the cities of San Marino and Urbino, and after having walked along the Furlo Gorge on the…

Road Trip Day 2 – Urbino

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Our second day of trip started early, probably too much early considering the time we went to sleep the night…