• 18 February 2019

Road Trip Day 6 – Polignano a Mare

Road Trip Day 6 – Polignano a Mare

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Our arrival in Puglia, happened in the day before, opens a new chapter of our summer road trip, leave aside (for a few days) the visit to major cities to enjoy ourselves to discover the beautiful beaches and the sea of ​​this region.

As base camp during our stay in Puglia we have chosen the Baia San Giorgio campsite (near Bari – Google Maps) and the San Lorenzo Agricamping (near Lecce – Google Maps). In both cases we were extremely satisfied with our accommodation, we found courteous and helpful staff who helped us plan our excursions giving us useful and practical advice. In addition, we have always been lucky to find well-equipped campsites with big free space (in Baia San Giorgio we were the only campers for three of the four nights).

The stages of our stay in Puglia:

  • 2 Agosto, arrivo in serata presso il campeggio Baia San Giorgio;
  • 3 Agosto, visita di Polignano a Mare e soggiorno presso il campeggio Baia San Giorgio;
  • 4 Agosto, visita di Alberobello e spostamento verso l’Agricampeggio San Lorenzo;
  • 5 Agosto, visita della “Grotta delle Poesia” e di Torre dell’Orso e soggiorno presso l’Agricampeggio
  • San Lorenzo;
  • 6 Agosto, visita di Matera e spostamento verso il campeggio Baia San Giorgio;
  • 7 Agosto, visita delle spiagge di Monopoli e soggiorno presso il campeggio Baia San Giorgio.

Polignano a Mare

Our first day in Puglia was dedicated to the visit of Polignano a Mare (Google Maps), or rather, we spent most of the day lying on the beach of Lama Monachile (Google Maps), or soaking in the waters behind the cliffs that distinguish this city.

After leaving rather early from our campsite we initially headed to the airport of Bari, where we collected the fifth member of our group, and then to the railway station of Polignano, where we left the car before heading to the beach. The beach of Lama Monachile, probably one of the most famous of Puglia, is known, as well as for its crystal clear waters, to be the location of the only italian stage of Red Bull Cliff Diving, an international diving competition held in the city since 2009. Perhaps it is also for this reason that today, going to the beach, it is easy to come across many people intent on climbing the rocky walls that surround the bay to perform in incredible and sometimes dangerous acrobatic dives.

Lama Monachile, also known as Cala Ponte, was built during the Bourbon period and became a commercial port during the Venetian domination. It is crossed by the Via Traiana, the ancient Roman road that connected Benevento to Brindisi. The history of Polignano was however very varied, fdue to the important position of control along the Roman road to Brindisi, it subsequently became part of the Byzantine, Norman and finally Venetian empire. After almost 20 years of Venetian control, the city came under the control of the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies and subsequently under the control of Napoleon.

Today the city of Polignano a Mare bases its economy on agriculture and tourism. In addition to its beautiful beach, the city boasts an extremely characteristic historic center, as well as numerous observation points from which is possible to admire the sea and the cliffs (Google Maps). In the evening the center comes alive and many tourists decide to stop in the many locals, or walk to the seafront cliffs (Google Maps), to admire the magic of the sunset that goes off in the sea.


The visit of Polignano a Mare was a real surprise for me, the cliffs, the sea and especially the historic center have far exceeded my expectations for this sixth day of travel. For this reason I hope that I will still have the opportunity to visit Puglia again and in particular this beautiful city.

In two weeks I will publish the 7th article about this incredible road trip (Day 7 – Alberobello). In the meantime enjoy the photos!