• 1 April 2019

Road Trip Day 8 – Cave of Poetry

Road Trip Day 8 – Cave of Poetry

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Our first day of “relax” in the south of Puglia begins with a coffee kindly offered by the owner of the campsite, who, having discovered our programs for the day, was so kind to share with us some useful tips to reach our next destination: The Cave of Poetry.

The cave of poetry

Cave of Poetry is located within the coastal area of ​​Melendugno, in a place known as Rocca Vecchia (Google Maps). The cave has had karstic origins, the rock below the surface has been progressively removed by the action of the water, leading to the creation of an underground cave whose roof has subsequently collapsed. The water is still present inside the cave, whose basin is fed by a tunnel dug into the rock that connects it directly to the sea.

The Access to the cave is now free, you can leave the car in the nearby toll parking and go across the short coastal stretch that separates it from the road. When you get close to the cave, all you have to do is spread your beach towels and jump from the high rock walls of the cave to the surrounded water (if you’re brave enough …). Alternatively, you can take the “stairway” that runs along the wall of the cave until you reach the underlying rocks and the water.

Once in the water you can swim inside the huge natural swimming pool, or take the short covered tunnel that separates the cave from the open sea.

The rest of day

The Cave of Poetry was the main location of our day, but it was not the only one, in the early afternoon we decided to move to the nearby Torre dell’Orso to have lunch inside the Bar La Torre (Google Maps) located nearby the beach. During the rest of the day we stayed in the (small) free beach located near the Lido L’Orsetta.


Our day ended, as it began, in the San Lorenzo Agricamping, where we would have spent the last night in the south of Puglia. The next day we would leave pointing to Matera, and then Bari.

In a week I will publish the ninth article about this incredible road trip. In the meantime enjoy the photos!